Buffalo Tempeh (gluten free)

“Red Hot” tempeh, tomato cucumber salsa, shredded lettuce topped with vegan ranch dressing.

Tofu Taco

Tofu fried in a seasoned panko bread crumb mix topped with shredded lettuce, mango salsa and roasted garlic crema.

Stewed Seitan Taco

Hearty stewed seitan topped with pickled red onion, cabbage and cilantro.

Sweet Potato Taco (gluten free)

Locally grown sweet potato breaded with rice flour and deep fried. Topped with pickled red cabbage okonomiyaki sauce and vegan sour cream.

Porto Asada (gluten free)

Tamari marinated portobella mushroom topped with cabbage, lime cilantro onion relish and black sesame seed.



Tortilla Chips with Pinto Dip (gluten free)

Mexican Brown Rice with Smokey Black Beans (gluten free)


Tacos $4 each

Combine 2 with a side for $10

Sides $3

Add Daiya ¢50