Local Tofu

When one thinks about the craft of tofu making their mind probably wanders to the far away lands of China or Japan. At least mine does. How about the not so far away land of Jamaica Plain?

About a year ago I bought some tofu from City Feed in JP. To my great surprise the address on the package was right there in JP as well! I brought it to the test kitchen and discovered it was the best tofu to use in my T Party taco. I then embarked on a search for contact info. There is no website to be found. I happen to mention it to a friend who had a friend that worked there once. A couple days later he had a phone number for me. This was some old school hunting! I put the number aside while I worked on the one million other things you work on when starting a business. Now, getting closer to launch and wanting to nail down local sources I resume my tofu mission. I called the number that’s been sitting on my desk for months and a man with a heavy Italian accent answers. I explain who I am and what I’m up to and he invites me down.

Rudy has been working out of the Sam Adams Brewery complex since before Sam started brewing there. He told me about running his macrobiotic restaurant in Italy in the 70’s before moving here. The whole operation is impressive since I’ve never been to a tofu factory but of special note is the home made hot water system Rudy built. There wasn’t time for him to explain the technical details but the gist is this. His hot water supply is warmed by solar panels that are on the outside of the building. In addition to the solar panels, he rigged up a way to collect the excess heat coming off of the equipment. A complex array of pipes and huge tubs make up the system. Very impressive indeed. A local business owner perfecting ways to benefit the environment. Something I myself strive for.

I am extremely pleased to be working with Rudy. Once we’re up and running please come by and try out the local tofu from the not so far away land of JP. I think you’ll be pleased too.


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