About the Party

IMG_4650Welcome to Taco Party! My name is Keith. Since this is the “About” section of the site, please allow me to talk about myself for a bit.

I grew up in New Hampshire and started working in kitchens at age 17. I worked my way up from scrubbing pots to eventually donning a chef coat. I moved myself down to Boston in 2000. I bounced around the service industry working as a chef for a culinary temp service and bartending in rock clubs at night. I was also playing drums in a band at this point. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling the country and playing music. We even got to go to Europe once. In 2001 a friend offered me a temporary job working for a Mighty popular local band. He asked me to drum tech which is fancy talk for the roadie that takes care of the drummer. I told him I knew how to do that (I didn’t) and off I went. A classic case of fake it til’ you make it. This temporary gig turned into a career. The chance to travel more, be around music constantly, ride on tour busses and stay in nice hotels was a dream come true. Over the past eleven years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of different talented artists and see the world twice over. When you have a favorite vegan restaurant in Tokyo and have done the dead man’s float in the Dead Sea you know you’ve done some traveling.

Fast forward to now. In my thirties and sick of airports. LIving out of a suitcase and traveling abroad for months at a time is great when you’re in your twenties and the only key on your key ring goes to a storage locker. Nowadays the dream come true is sleeping in my own bed with my wife every night. I am grateful for the opportunities that came my way this past decade. The world is truly an amazing place. If you have a chance, go check it out.

So it seems that to maintain my happiness and sanity a career change is inevitable. What to do….oh yeah! I still know how to cook! Allow me to summarize a few other key points in the story. I went vegetarian (briefly vegan) ten years ago. Lived in California for a couple of years and developed an intense taco and burrito lust while there. I have frequented hundreds of veggie restaurants all over the world and have learned what tastes good and what straight up tastes bad. Roll this all up, put it on wheels and you have the idea for Taco Party.

The idea of a vegan or vegetarian restaurant let alone a truck in Boston is relatively new. This is something that caught on years ago in many metropolitan areas but there has mostly been only a handful of Asian veggie restaurants in Boston up until recently. As a world-traveling vegetarian for the past decade, this is something that has always blown my mind. You could also say the same for Boston and Mexican cuisine. Restaurants serving tacos, burritos and such were few and far between. This has also changed dramatically in the past few years. The need has been recognized and is safe to say it is now being met. It is easy to find at least one veggie option on most Mexican restaurant menus but often times you will be sacrificing some key element to the experience or left with just some beans in a tortilla. Sides a meal does not make and you should not be discounted the joy that a particular cuisine offers by eating meat free.  This is where Taco Party will fill the void for vegetarians and vegans but draw our meat loving friends in with good value and great taste. The best veggie joints I’ve been to are the ones that I can sit across the table from my carnivorous pals and they don’t even bat an eyelash. That’s what this is about. Eating well together. I’m not going to preach to you. I’ll let the food speak for itself. We’re here to offer you something a little different and we’re gonna do it in the most sustainable and eco friendly way possible. I’m also not going to claim any authenticity here. I reserve the right to put anything I damn well please in a tortilla. The menu will mainly have Mexican roots but don’t be surprised if things get weird from time to time. Just like a regular party, a taco party can get a little out of hand too.

So that’s it my friends. It went a little long but where else but the “About” section would I convey all this? As I embark on this scary/exciting journey drop in and let me know what you think. We’re gonna start out small, add things as we grow and have a hell of a lot of fun while we’re doing it. I’m just a guy that wants to make you delicious meat free tacos and sleep in his own bed every night. See ya on the streets.


UPDATE 1/3/2016

Hey! Look at us! We have a restaurant now! Something I could barely envision when I wrote that bit up above.

Since I opened the truck a few things have changed. Okay, well..a lot has changed. Everyday in fact. This business is all about staying on your toes and evolving to always improve yourself, your staff and most importantly your food. It’s also an emotional rollercoaster ride but I’ll save that for another time.

When the truck opened we offered the option to have dairy cheese. Not many people ordered it, so to make things easier we took it off the menu and became 100% vegan. This, as it turns out was the final push to become vegan in my personal life as well. I always dabbled here and there but I was mostly vegetarian for the past 13 years. My wife joined me and we haven’t looked back. We both actually just had our yearly physicals and the blood work came back a-okay. My point is, it is easier than ever to make a change like this in your diet and it’s not going to kill you. Just don’t eat like a jerk. Real food people! There are plenty of restaurants, resources and surprisingly, aisles in your every day grocery store to support you. It’s a good time right now for plant based endeavors. Years ago I said I wasn’t going to preach and I’m sticking to that. But with that being said, there are more and more undeniable reasons to cut out meat turning up in the news every day.

So here at Taco Party we love animals, the Earth and these fleshy blood and guts vessels that allow us to move through the world and enjoy all of those things. There’s plenty of room here (not literally. We can only seat 16 in the store.) figuratively speaking. Also, tacos. And donuts! Seriously man. It’s cool here.

This website is on its way out too. There’s a new one in the works but enough people come into the shop and complain about how crappy our site is that I figured I should dust it off. So standby for some fancy new shit. Bye for now.